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Jail "CELL" Lock Up

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Are you tired of your friends or child’s smart phones getting in the way of personal interaction? Then check out our mobile phone jail cell.

This nifty gadget allows you to lock away up to six personal cell phone devices. Equipped with bars, padlock and 6 upright cell-phone holders, this jail "cell" is the perfect place to store those unwanted phones while you entertain guests or are trying to have a conversation with your children during dinner.

It gives you a fun and unique way to take technology out of everyday human interaction. It is even great to use in the classroom for those students who can’t seem to get off of their phones.

This is the perfect gadget to maintain civility within your household. You can easily restrict access to your child’s phone until their homework or household chores are done, or make your party one to remember while keeping your friends away from social media.

This can be considered as a novelty gift item or a personal self-control system to restrain yourself in these modern times. Use it however you see fit.

Also perfect for trivia nights, game nights and private parties!

Some assembly is required.
Made out of plastic.
Dimensions: 17.50 x 6.50 x 18.50 cm
Includes Lock and Key